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XTRONS HD829THD - 2 x 8" Capacitive Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player with HD 1080P Video AV IN / OUT

2x 8" Capacitive Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player with HD1080p VIDEO AV IN / OUT

*8" Capacitive Touch Screen
*Smart design with a bigger screen
*HD 1280*720 Pixel display
*Slot Load DVD Drive
*Super-clear 1080P Video 
*Quality Detachable Faux Leather Cover Design
*AV Input / AV Output
*Built-in IR/FM Transmitter
*Built-in Speaker
*Easy for Installation
*Two Way Power Supply
*6 Different Specifications of Drivepies


2 x 8" Capacitive Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player with HD 1080P Video AV IN / OUT

•At First Sight
Capacitive Touch Screen
Slot Load DVD Drive
Super Clear 1080P Video
Play the Same Movie Simultaneously
Anti-theft Detachable Cover

•Smarter Design with a Bigger Screen
The HD829THD is designed to maximise the rear seat entertainment for your passengers with its 8 inch screen, whilst at the same time using a much smaller frame, which is due to some clever design innovations.
HD829THD: Compact and Attractive Body
Others with 7" screen: Large and Outdated Body

•Better Viewing Experience
1280x720 Super High Resolution Capacitive Touch Screen
With touch functionality similar to the iPad and other tablet screens, this 8 inch multi-touch capacitive screen with 1280*720 resolution offers you the ultimate rear seat entertainment.
Super-Clear 1080P Video Enjoyment
Gone are the days of lagging or choppy video playback. The HD829THD always plays full 1080P HD videos smoothly, with vibrant colors and sharper images.

•More Entertainment with AV IN
With Audio Visual Input function (AV-IN), you can enjoy entertainment from digital TV receivers or other devices with A/V output function.

•Kid-Friendly Slot Loading Disc Design
The HD829THD drive is based on a slot-loading mechanism, meaning the disc is mechanically pulled in from the top. This eliminates the need having to flip open the unit manually to change a disc, saving you space and avoiding accidental damage.

•Share Entertainment in the Vehicle
With the Audio Visual Output function(AV-OUT), you can share audio and visual entertainment with your family. Just insert the USB/SD or put a disc into one of headrest DVD player and connect RCA cables, other monitor sources can enjoy all the entertainment simultaneously.

Multiple Choices for Sound Out!
1. Choice 1: Built-in IR Transmitter
The IR transmitter allows you to enjoy audio files with wireless headphones. It supports dual channel (A & B) wireless infrared headphones. 
A: 2.3 - 2.8MHz B: 3.2 - 3.8MHz
Note: IR headphones are not included, XTRONS DWH002, DWH003, DWH004, DWH005, DWH006 and DWH007 are compatible.
2. Choice 2: Built-in Speakers
Play audio directly from the unit.
3. Choice 3: Built-in FM Transmitter 
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal from the headrest to the other radio receiver (car stereo), then you can share the audio with other people.
9 Available Frequencies: 87.7, 88.1, 88.5, 88.9, 106.7, 107.1, 107.5, 107.9 OFF

•Anti-theft Detachable Cover
Flexible removable flap cover, more security with detachable cover to secure your headrest while you are away from your car.

•Designed for Easy Installation
1. Thin 7mm Adapter
Connect ISO cable with headrest and 12V power. With a small cable head which is only 7mm, you can easily get the ISO cable through the chair.
HD829THD: The Xtrons adapter can get through the conduits easily.
Others: Other adapters are too bulky to get through the conduits.
2. Two Way Power Supply
Connect cigarette cable with headrest and the cigarette lighter socket, then plug and go!
Connect to 12V power (power cables provided)
3. 6 Different Drivepies Provided
Choose from the 6 different specifications of drivepipes to match your car's different needs. (16mm, 14mm, 13.8mm, 12.7mm, 12.5mm, 12mm).

Head Unit: (Above: 207, Bottom: 233)*198*120mm 
Adjustable Headrest Poles Inner Width: 100mm - 180mm

2 x ISO Wiring Harness
4 x Poles
2 x Remote Control
6 x Plastic Drivepipes (16, 14, 13.8, 12.7, 12.5, 12mm)
2 x Cigarette Adapter
1 x User Manual

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